Punk Turns 30 Has a Substack Too

Punk Turns 30 Has a Substack Too 


That's right.  I started it a while ago and then realized there are things you can do via the app and things you can't.  I promise that this website and the Substack will not be 100% duplicates of each other.

At the moment, I am taking this quiet time between the holidays of Christmas and New Years to find and organize all the rest of the slides and negatives I did not get around to scanning during my 2022 Christmas break.  And then I had a medical episode that both derailed (my momentum) and focused me. There were a couple months where all I could do was lie down. I watched a lot of Food Network, and wrote down a lot of projects.

The next art project will be completing the HOW TO WRITE SONGS tiles - yes, inspired by Elvis C. and his HOW TO PLAY GUITAR AND Y

More on that later, but for now, I leave you with this - I did several iterations because Elvis also contains multitudes.



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