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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Detroit's Opening Day, 2012

Today is many things rolled into one. Its Opening Day in baseball as I write this - and for the Detroit Tigers, Opening Day is April 5. April 5 is also Eddie Baranek's birthday. He's in The Sights... well, he IS the one constant of the Sights, a band he formed in 1999... a garage band in the vein of what garage bands were meant to be: suburban teenagers trying to play their favorite records. And it sounds like Eddie's favorite records included the catalogs of Humble Pie and Badfinger as well as the rich pop/R&B heritage of his hometown, the Motor City, which also helped give birth to punk rock while fomenting a revolution (see: MC5).

So, on his 2012 birthday, Eddie Baranek and The Sights will rock the Hard Rock Cafe in a very old skool way - with two sets, alongside their friends, Six and the Sevens - to celebrate what they're certain will be a Tiger victory.

You might be able to watch the Tigers pounce all over the Boston Red Sox on the teevee, but you've got to be in Detroit to enjoy this daytime musical extravaganza, outside at the Hard Rock Cafe.

If you're not in Detroit, not to worry. The Sights will be spending quite a long time on the road this year. They're opening for Tenacious D!

Here are some tour dates - and do keep up with them at these usual suspect links:

Band website
The Twitter
The Facebook

4/25 - Cleveland, OH

4/26 - Brooklyn, NY

5/5 - Detroit, MI

5/12 - Ypsilanti, MI

5/19 - Phoenix, AZ

5/23 - Santa Barbara, CA

5/24 - Oakland, CA

5/26 - Bend, OR

5/27 - Vancouver, BC

5/31 - Minneapolis, MN

6/2 - Marquette, MI

6/16 - Detroit, MI

6/17 - Chicago, IL

6/22 - Cincinnati, OH

6/23 - Nashville, TN

6/25 - Atlanta, GA

6/26 - Charlotte, NC

6/28 - New York, NY

6/30 - Philadelphia, PA

7/2 - Boston, MA

7/3 - Uncasville, CT

7/6 - Detroit, MI

7/7 - Chicago, IL

7/19 - Austin, TX

7/20 - Dallas, TX

7/21 - Tulsa, OK

7/23 - St Louis, MO

7/24 - Kansas City, MO

7/26 - Denver, CO

7/29 - San Diego, C

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