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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bold, Punk-like Move by Sir Tom Jones

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That's me in 1996 or so, sandwiched between former VH1 co-workers and TOM JONES!. Wales's answer to Elvis, Mr. Jones performed an intimate club gig in NYC and yes, indeed, I went and enjoyed myself to no end.

Tom Jones is a not-so-guilty pleasure whether or not you're a hipster. The man has great taste in music and completely understands his place in pop culture.

I was thrilled to learn that his next single will be released on vinyl only and sold in only one shop in Cardiff, Wales. Let me lift & paste from the Telegraph:

Sir Tom Jones has insisted that his new single be released exclusively on vinyl and sold in one small outlet in Cardiff.

The 71-year-old Welsh singer, whose greatest hits include 'Green, Green, Grass of Home', has always been loyal to his roots. But his stubborn mission to lure fans to a tiny shop in Cardiff might test the zeal of even his most devoted followers.

Sir Tom has written a new song with former White Stripes frontman Jack White, and has insisted that Spillers Records in Cardiff be the only shop in the world to stock the three-coloured vinyl single.

The singer was born in nearby Pontypridd and bought records from the shop as a schoolboy in the fifties and early sixties.

Spillers, which was founded in 1894 and is listed in the Guinness World Records as the oldest record shop in the world, is facing an uncertain future.

In 2006 a local campaign was launched to try and save the shop from closing. The campaign was supported by the Manic Street Preachers who say it's where they got their musical education.

Last summer the shop was forced to move from its home of 60 years in The Hayes to a smaller location in the nearby Morgan Arcade.

Tom Jones and Jack White's single called Evil goes on sale next month, but at a price of £15 for the limited 100 edition.

According to shop's owner Ashli Todd, Sir Tom's fans are desperate to get their hands on a copy.

"It's been quite overwhelming - we've had people from all over the country and Europe ringing up about the release," he said.

I think that is a bold, punk-like move. Bravo, Mr. Jones!

Oh - and speaking of men called Jones...

The afore-referenced Jack White will be releasing his first solo album in a few weeks (as opposed to all those band projects; the man never stops working). Its called Blunderbuss. Jack White now lives in Nashville, and Nashville is home to one Brad Jones, a producer and performer held in great esteem by locals as well as the widespread public (for instance, he produced Hayes Carll's much lauded KMAG YOYO; Jason & the Scorchers HALCYON TIMES; Chuck Prophet, and oh so many more people it'll make your head spin). ANYWAY, Brad Jones's only solo album (to date), called GILT FLAKE (which I became aware of in 2000, but not exactly sure when it was made/released) opens with a track called "Blunderbuss."

I'm just putting it out there....

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