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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Goner Records!

It's Goner Records birthday Charlie Brown!

Scott & Shelby
Scott Rogers and Shelby Todd enjoy each other's company over margaritas and chips and salsa...

The Memphis record shop loved by people (and their pets) is turning 6 !

Goner is the label (and later the shop) that launched or sustained some of the very best garage, punk and punk-informed rock n roll music of the 90s and 00's... as well as iconoclast (to garage/punk, that is) elegant pop...

goner john
John Hoppe shows off Goner's extensive selection of records

Here is a small photographic tribute.... YOU can wish them a happy one by visiting their website and buying some great music, made in Memphis and elsewhere.

Loose Diamonds
Goner artists Harlan T. Bobo, King Louie and Jack Oblivian in Goner Alley, 2005

The King Khan & BBQ show
The King Khan and BBQ Show released their first collaboration through Goner

shannon and eric in goner store
Inside Goner with Tom Shannon of the Cheater Slicks and Eric Friedl, co-owner

zac in goner
Zac Ives, Goner co-owner

uppers enocky hipshakes
What do you get when you cross Canadians, Brits and a Japanese fella? International garage! A Leather Upper, some Hipshakes and Rockin' Enocky at the Buccaneer

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Matthew D said...

I am in love with these photos! Goner has been a big part of my life since the label was invented. I have never been to Memphis to see the store, but I hope to this year for Gonerfest VII! Awesome stuff!