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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Punk Rock Autumn Almanac

yes yes yes!
Its Autumn... the weather has calmed down and Punk Turns 30 shows up in three upcoming exhibits.

First - October 11 in Nashville, TN -- Kaleidoscope, a group art show and fashion extravaganza! Check them out here:


At this show, we will be exhibiting some of punk rock's greatest hits in a one night stand you'll be sure to remember.

Dee Dee n Stiv - backstage

For Halloween, we are reprising Punk Rock Day of the Dead FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY in Harrisburg, PA with a fabulous rock n roll punk party... at the Maennerchor's Cathedral Room, 221 North Street... for a mere $3 - see your favorite dead punk rockers and The Thing With Two Heads, a fabulous DJ duo - Its Bazooka Joe and Christine Sixteene who have moved their groove from NYC to Harrisburg.

halloween poster

Right after Thanksgiving, on December 5, the Unguarded Moments tour makes its final stop in Lancaster, PA at the Metropolis Gallery, 154 N. Prince St. Lancaster, PA. You will be hearing lots about this show as the date grows near.


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