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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sid & Nancy - Cynthia & Stiv!
Top Youtube Video

cynthia portrait
If you click the link that is the title of this post, you will be taken to one of my favorite daily papers - The Guardian UK. The article is from over the past weekend, and lists the 50 Greatest Arts Videos on YouTube.

I am proud to say that my friend, B Girl Cynthia Ross appears in the video clip that tops the list in the pop & rock section. It is sad, however, that out of the four people who appear in that Top Video Clip, Cynthia is the sole survivor.

Punk Rock's famous ill-fated first couple, Sid and Nancy lived, as everyone knows, in the Chelsea Hotel. Their next door neighbors there were Cynthia and her then-boyfriend, Stiv Bators.

The Guardian has this to say about the clip:
Sid and Nancy on New York cable TV, 1978

Morose, foul-mouthed and dismissive, a shirtless Sid Vicious is joined by a very vocal Nancy Spungen (with co-guests Stiv Bators and Cynthia of the B Girls) on a live New York cable TV show recorded shortly after the break-up of the Sex Pistols. When a drippy female caller flirts with Sid over the phone, Nancy wades in: 'You better keep your fucking hands off him...'
A slanging match ensues. Viva la punk.

see it here

sid vicious grey
Sid Vicious, his last concert with the Sex Pistols, 1978

Long time readers of this blog have relived some of the fun times I shared with both Cynthia and Stiv in the late 70s and early 80s. Here's a pictoral stroll down memory lane for all the newcomers and new readers from the Mog Music Network.

In Joan Jett's Bedroom
In Joan Jett's bedroom

Stiv & Cynthia at Rodney's Apartment
At Rodney Bingenheimer's apartment

Blondie, B-Girls, Bingenheimer Backstage
B Girls backstage at the Whisky a Go Go with members of Blondie, Rodney and Sabel Starr

stiv cynthia by licorice pizza 2
Faded but not forgotten - on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and San Vicente, behind the long-gone Licorice Pizza record store, across the street from the Whisky a Go Go and from Joan Jett's apartment

joan cyn kent small
WIth Joan Jett in Joan's apartment, sending a pictoral Valentine to Runaways road crew chief, Kent Smythe, via his baby picture

Check out the B Girls! Here's their Bomp single, Fun at the Beach
fun at the beach

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