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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Teenage Wasteland - An Anniversary

Here's a dispatch from one of the best radio stations in the nation, WFMU

WFMU presents a special 30th anniversary broadcast of Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland at Maxwell's in Hoboken (1039 Washington St), TODAY (Sunday), August 17th from 5 - 7pm. Only r-r-real rock & roll is going be played. Special guests will include the Subway Surfers and the Doughboys performing live. In the spirit of WFMU's reknown big-tent musical philosophy, hippies and neocons will both be welcomed.

If you are not in the NY - NJ area, you can listen online: visit their website and click on the "Live Stream" and you're off and running.

A word or two about Bill Kelly. He was one of the first DJs around to broadcast that garage / punk genre. Back in 1978, you could count on your fingers just how many sympathetic to the cause DJs there were. And Bill Kelly was a leader of the pack. His was the program that influenced a certain radio program I worked on earlier this decade; rest assured - homage was paid.

Please note: the times indicated for the broadcast are Eastern Time -- if you're in California, or in London, please adjust your listening hours accordingly.

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