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Monday, August 04, 2008

GERMS Movie Redux
'What We Do Is Secret' Opens Far and Wide

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Who, of those of us in the Germs circle in Los Angeles in 1977, 1978 or 1979 would ever believe that (1) a motion picture would be made of their story, and (2) the story of the movie coming to be, and the story of the Germs themselves would be told in the paper of record, The New York Times? Back in 1977, not me. Probably only Bobby Pyn / Darby Crash would have believed in that... and well, he's been proven right.

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Prior to Sunday's considerable review in the New York Times, which more than being a film review actually addresses the culture of memory and postmodernism all wrapped up in punk rock, director Rodger Grossman gave a big shout out to his friends and Germs fans far and wide in cyberspace with an alert on opening dates and screening venues. Here (in mostly his words) is the info:

What We Do Is Secret is opening in New York City the weekend of 8-8-08 at Landmark’s Sunshine Theater! Actors Shane West, Bijou Philips, Noah Segan, original Germs members Pat Smear, Lorna Doom and Don Bolles, and director Rodger Grossman will be in attendance:

On 8-8-08 for a Q&A after the 5:30 screening and intro before the 8:05 screening and…
On 8-9-08 for a Q&A after the 8:05 screening and intro before the 10:30 screening.

This film reflects the extraordinary efforts of many people and has been in the works for nearly fifteen years. The movie has played to sold out festival crowds all year, and received incredible reviews and standing ovations.

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You'll just have to see for yourself...

Additional dates and cities:


Chicago, IL • Music Box

Pittsburgh, PA • Harris Theatre

bobby pyn 2


Los Angeles, CA • Nuart

Orange County, CA • Regal Irvine Six

Cambridge, MA • Kendall Square Cinema

germs trio rehearsal


San Francisco, CA • Lumiere Theatre

Berkeley,CA • Shattuck Cinemas

Philadelphia, PA • Ritz At The Bourse

Columbus, OH • Gateway Theatre

Washington DC • E Street Cinema

pat smear


San Diego, CA • Ken Cinema


Denver, CO • Starz Filmcenter

St. Louis, MO • Tivoli Theatre


Atlanta, GA • Midtown Art Cinema

Minneapolis, MI • Uptown or Lagoon

lorna crouching 96


Austin, TX • Alamo Drafthouse

Seattle, WA • Varsity Theatre

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Iran said...

Saw the film in L.A., and the new Germs with Shane West played after the film. It was a blast. I'm gonna try and see the film in Atlanta.

Veronica said...

i've been hearing rumors that shane makes out with a guy in this movie...hott...i'll be seeing it in new orleans on the 19th.

dhuber said...

Anyone know if it's coming to Florida?? I keep hearing about it and can't wait to see it!!!