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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Germs Conquer LA -- Again

On Saturday, August 23, The Germs and Shane West in his movie and new rock n roll role as Darby Crash will perform at LA's Echo. If you buy two tickets to either Friday or Saturday screening of What We Do Is Secret which is at the NuArt Theatre in West Los Angeles (11272 Santa Monica Blvd.) - the part of LA that was home to both Darby Crash and Pat Smear during their forming years... you will get one free ticket to the Echo show.

forming 2

At both screenings, the movie's director, Rodger Grossman, all the actors and all the Germs will be there - to introduce the movie (late screenings) and to answer your questions (after the early screenings).

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ask Lorna Doom if she remembers this!

What a deal. How can you pass that up?

Here's another deal you can't pass up. Click on the photo of Darby, below to see what I mean...

large darby


Iran said...

Just saw the Germs film. Perfect rejoice of the punk spirit...

Iran said...