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Saturday, June 28, 2008

They Called It the Summer of Hate

p in white
Avengers - Penelope Houston only looks summery in her white dress... they were all punk furious

1977 was known in the punk rock world as The Summer of Hate (1967 in the hippie world was the Summer of Love - "If You're Going to San Francisco," The Monterey Pop Festival and all that). Spike Lee and Michael Imperioli would have you believe it was the Summer of Sam... which if you lived in NYC, I guess it was - with the serial killer who called himself the Son of Sam wreaking havoc... we on the West Coast had our own serial killer... The Hillside Strangler - and F Word put words and music to that scare.

Tonight in New York City, The Stalkers and Live Fast Die, two of my favorite NYC bands, would invite you to have a Summer of Hate... not to hate on one another... no - but rather to identify the things that still piss off a young punk rocker or the wary citizen.

So if you are in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY tonight, June 28... in just a few hours, you can go get your punk on with a Stalkers gig. Live Fast Die will entertain you as well - as will the French band Feeling of Love.
Meanwhile, here in the Central Time Zone, where I am posting... I'm probably going to put in a DVD of the Ramones End of the Century. When nothing's going on... I go Ramones!

stalkers -animal & josh
Animal and Josh of the Stalkers

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