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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lorna Doom of the Germs, as art. Punk is ART

lorna thing small

Punk rock is music. Punk is art, too. Music is an art form and the punk ethos launched a whole new way to perform and make art.

The piece above consists of a stat counter report saved as a text file (from columns), with Lorna Doom's name highlighted and enlarged. The image of her was "solarized" in Photoshop - but if I had a darkroom, I could do that too. Solarization is a fun thing to do - turn the lights on while your print is in the developer... now there's a digital way to emulate it... but I think it all started with Man Ray.

One of my favorite purveyors of punk rock art is Target Video. They staged events and captured an otherwise, fleeting fugitive moment. They're in museums now! Currently they are at the venerable Getty in Los Angeles, and soon, they'll be on home turn (for them, that's San Francisco.) Here's the info - mark your calendar:

Target Video is showing at the Berkeley Art Museum on June 19, 2008. Check out their calendar for a month of punk rock screenings at:

Don't miss Bruce Connor's "Mabuhay Gardens" photo show at the Berkeley Art Museum June 4 - August 3.

Just a hint that Punk Turns 30 is going to pursue a more "arty" approach in exhibits to come, thanks in part to mishaps by Fed Ex and inspiration from friends in New Orleans (Dustin Crops!)

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