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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dave Parsons - Happy Birthday!

dave parsons portrait

A member of Sham 69 and in between the original and current Sham, of The Wanderers (with Stiv Bators and then-Sham members, Dave Treganna and Rick Rock), Dave Parsons celebrates a birthday today. Long may you rock my friend!

dave parsons live
Dave on stage with Sham 69, 2007

wanderers rehearsal 1-96
Wanderers rehearse for their only US tour, 1981. Stiv, Dave Treganna and Dave Parsons

dave parsons in the airport
In an airport lounge, somewhere in the USA, 1981

And finally... let me wish a happy birthday to John Hoppe of Michigan who has transplanted himself to Memphis...

goner john

Happy birthday gentleman...

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