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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday - Fat Tuesday - Party Vote Party

no war30

I took this photo in 2004, in Detroit. The USA had been engaged in its most recent stupid war for about ten months already at that time. Five years later, we're still there. Today, we get to vote in the Super Tuesday set of primaries, and hopefully, the next President of the USA will understand that war is useless and get us out of there.

On a more happy note, today is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras! The culmination of Carnaval, especially in New Orleans. I am headed down that way in exactly one week from today... making a stop in Memphis, my favorite city in the USA, and then on to New Orleans, for Louie Fest, where there are sure to be a million surprises. Here's a photo of local hero and Drum Buddy master, Mr Quintron with Greg Cartwright. A print of this image on metallic paper (making it look like a psych album cover) will be exhibited!

quintron & greg
Quintron and Greg Cartwright

In Detroit, Hamtramck to be precise, its Paczki Day!


That's Sandy Kramer, who owns and operates Barberella salon in Hamtramck, home of the best haircuts I've ever had... in 2006, Sandy and I spent Paczki Day together and I was astounded by the enormous lines of people outside every fabulous Polish bakery ready to stock up on Paczki. Once I finish my tasks, I'm going out to find some equivalent of the Polish jelly donut... might be hard to do in the very Italian enclave of Jersey City where I am at the moment...but I gotta try!

Don't forget to vote today... its probably better if you vote before you do your Mardi Gras party thing... you don't want to accidentally vote for the wrong candidate...

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