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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Punk Turns 30 at Magnetic Field -
January 10!

mag field blondie card

Tomorrow - Thursday January 10, we will be having a party for these vintage punk rock pictures from the Punk Turns 30 Unguarded Moments: Backstage and Beyond tour at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn! We'll probably start the party at 8 PM and go til about 12 Midnight.

Punk Rock music will be the theme of the night and DJ Phast Phreddie - the Boogaloo Omnibus will be on the decks spinning your favorite punk rock records.

Phast and I were LA kids who saw the first wave of punk rock as it happened... The people you see pictured, we not only saw play live - but a good many of them were our friends and neighbors! Take some time to say HI to Phreddie and ask him about some of the Unguarded Moments he experienced in LA Punk Rock!

phast boogaloo

What can you expect at the Magnetic Field?

Some of these photos - all of which are for sale.... prices range from $25 to $100. I will have a couple sets of Complete Classic Cramps Portraits!

72joan billy


Dee Dee n Stiv - backstage

if you're in the New York Metropolitan area - come on down! The tunes will be great and the photos look better in person than on the internet...

I'd like to thank Lisanne who does the blog, Found in Brooklyn for the shout out!

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