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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Popular Pictures from the Tour So Far

blondie and the bs tour blog

I never know what images people are going to respond to... but the past few weeks, these are the ones that have been stand-outs.

Blondie has always been popular... and this shot of Debbie Harry and Nigel Harrison with Rodney Bingenheimer in tow visiting the B Girls backstage at the Whisky has been a consistent favorite and seller! If you have Cathay Che's book Platinum Blonde, you saw this photo in there!

eddie penelope kyle

Much to my pleasant surprise, this summer while scanning everything I own, I found this shot from the Plimsouls record release party. No one has seen it ever! It made its debut in Houston. Pictured are Eddie Munoz of the Plimsouls and his friends, Penelope Sevier on the left and behind them, Kyle Hetherington. People who came to Sound Exchange last month were happy to see Texas represented in Eddie, and since I only had one print, the photo was "the one that got away" to many an attendee.


Clem Burke, punk rock's most valuable player... When I presented this image, one that few people have seen in its silver halide glory, it too became "the one that got away" to a lucky early buyer. This shot of Clem is from 1978 at the sound check for the Berkeley Greek Theatre show on the Blondie is a Group / Welcome Back Blondie tour... it was just 6 short months before they blew up extra large with Heart of Glass. Clem is wearing a Ramones t shirt in this picture -- remember, he was Elvis Ramone!

The biggest surprise for many people was being able to see a picture of Darby Crash in a quiet, pensive mood...

darby guitar

I hope to see you on the road... and I hope that you too will be pleasantly surprised.

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