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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years 2007---->2008

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New Years Eve is one of those nights that you expect a great rock n roll show. This year, there are a few I wish I could be at... alas, I do not possess that "two places at one" thingie-majig that "Hermione" from the Harry Potter stories has... so, I'll have to live each show vicariously through you...

So starting with the time zones that will ring in the New Year first, the Eastern Time Zone...

At Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, The Fleshtones, Bloody Hollies and DJ Phast Phreddie Patterson are throwing down a swingin' New Year's Eve show.... I will be exhibiting the Unguarded Moments: Backstage and Beyond collection there at the Field on January 10 - so if you're going... don't get too wild and trash the place.

Patti, Dark & Light

In what has become a New York City tradition, the high priestess/poet/conscience of punk rock - Patti Smith and her band will perform at the Bowery Ballroom. Its always a sold-out show because no one rocks it like Patti, and her son Jackson has joined the band on guitar... I remember the very first time he played with them on stage back in the 90s... Smoke on the Water was the song... Irving Plaza was the place. What a long way he's come since then... He's a true Smith, through and through... rock n roll is in his soul!

Jackson Smith

Still in the Eastern Time Zone, but a bit further South in the Big Peach.... Atlanta, the Star Bar will ring in 2008 for the denizens of Little 5 Points with The Forty-Fives.... pure rock n roll and LOUD as it can be!

Ian McLagan and two Forty Fives

In this snapshot from 2004, Bryan Malone and Mark McMurtry are pictured partying with their hero and mine, my dear friend Ian McLagan. If you don't know the Forty-Fives music, but you are familiar with the Faces and Small Faces... you will be pleasantly surprised and will love the Forty-Fives because there's definitely a nod there...


Mark McMurtry above, and Bryan Malone below, sporting his winter beard.

photo by Lorilee

The Star Bar will provide a full night and then some of music... with a few bands on the bill, including The Howlies, below, Atlanta's (by way of FLA) latest band to make it on to Kim Fowley's radar.

action howlies 2

In the South still, but in the Central Time Zone, in the city that invented rock n roll - Memphis - the Hi Tone features a fantastic line-up this year. Headlining the night and ringing in the next leap year will be one of my favorite musicians ever - Jack Oblivian, and his Tennessee Tearjerkers.

bubba terrence jack

The Tearjerkers you see here - Bubba Bonds and Terrence T-Money Bishop have spent most of the past year on the road with Alicja Trout as members of River City Tanlines (those guys are the busiest rhythm section in Memphis), so Jack's got other Tearjerkers filling in their slots... and Alicja's Mouserocket is playing New Year's Eve also at Murphy's.

jack live 9

I think that if I could be ANYWHERE tonight, it would be at the Hi Tone... there's just no one like Jack O.
PLUS... M.O.T.O. from Chicago are on the bill as are The Perfect Fits, a Memphis band featuring Scott Rogers, Tommy Trouble, Joe Simpson and Andrew McCalla. Its a good thing M.O.T.O.'s in the mix for the sheer punk rock madness and humor, otherwise there would be a lot of crying in one's beer... yes, yes, each band will make you shake your ass, but The Perfect Fits will start the evening off with some tearjerkers about evil women... and the Tearjerkers will take you on a rocking, rolling journey... give you Chills & Fever, sing you a few murder ballads and songs about shady characters... but you'll have a wonderful time.

jack hat 1

Over on the Pacific Coast - my time zone - the vintage punk rockers of my youth are bringing it all back home for me in the 2007 - 2008 changeover.

Leonard Graves Phillips

The Dickies, led by the inimitable and indefatigable Leonard Graves Phillips and Stan Lee are partying it up for the va-va-va-voom Varla Girls in downtown Los Angeles.

dickies live confetti web

dickies new years

Finally, a little closer to my neck of the woods, X will be performing at the Majestic Ventura Theatre.

john and exene96

Where ever you are ringing in 2008 - have a great time. Don't shoot any pistols up in the air - you don't know where the bullet is gonna land, ok?

david live

By the way --- its this guy's birthday.... He's 18 in this photo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID QUINTON!

Happy New Year to ALL!

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