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Friday, December 07, 2007

Just for Atlanta - Pre Order Your Photos Now!

It just hit me this evening... some of the images I am showing of your punk rock heroes should be available to everyone who wants one! Its got to be a bummer when someone who's at the exhibit before you arrive buys all the Cramps pictures or beats you to the extended collection of Blondie members photos...

SO - I'm going to give this a try just for you Atlanta... especially since it is so close to XMAS.

You can PRE-ORDER from this selection of popular images... and that way, you will be sure to be able to take home an 8x10! Because I'm actually in transit, that's the only size I can offer right now.. but if this works, in the future, pre-ordering will become the way! Thanks to the immediate gratification of Paypal, you can BUY NOW and pick up at the show! These 8x10's will be digitally output on archival quality photographic paper (ie: silver! silver halide, to be exact) and are only $25!

joan billy
Joan Jett & Billy Idol Party

darby guitar
Darby Crash on Guitar

clem sound check SMALL
Clem Burke don't get shut out like the others have!

Dee Dee & Stiv - your fave?
Dee Dee & Stiv

And last but not least, the Cramps collection that will be available for pre-ordering for Atlanta.

The Cramps
digital print available for this special on-tour pre-order.
Silver gelatin prints available in the

bryan gregory portrait

Alright Atlanta.... GO FOR IT! Scroll down and BUY!!

Choose Image

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