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Friday, November 23, 2007

Souvenirs from the Photo Tour So Far


Its Thanksgiving Day. Here's a Thanksgiving turkey from a few years ago... from my Brooklyn days, living with Frank and Liz... where Frank would brine then smoke a big turkey for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. What a great cook! Please visit his Brooklyn Bar BQ joint in the South Slope (Park Slope) - 6th Avenue at 20th St. in beautiful Brooklyn, NY, USA.

I'm so thankful that people who have come to my exhibits or to events in which I have photos hanging brought their cameras...

here are some links to recent events...

The Punk 365 Book Signing / Exhibit at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, November 18, 2007
Photos in the blog at the bottom of the page of La Luz's PR firm guru: Lee Joseph Publicity

Pix from a guy who's Leica I covet, from the November 17 Houston Sound Exchange show.

Punk Rock Day of the Dead at Goner
Pix by Alisa
Pix by Gina

and finally, my pix of Jack, Tyler, Adam, John, Scott, and an unseen but definitely there Twinkle - rehearsing their ad-hoc mariachi band for Punk Rock Day of the Dead - on Punk Turns 30's entry for November 9

if you were at any of these events and have photos you'd like to share - by all means.... comment away and include pix and links!

FINALLY.... here's a photo of me and Kurt Brennan, co-owner of Sound Exchange in Houston, where we had a fabulous party & art show on November 17... a brief moment of relaxation in the kind of place I could spend all my time... a record store with more vinyl than CDs... more used than new records... you know the score

photo by rosa guerrero

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