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Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Tour Dates and News You Can Use

demonsclawsingle MaryWeiss_Stop copy

While I wasn't paying attention... some photos I shot last summer have made their appearance on the record covers they were shot for... Demons Claws and Mary Weiss. While completely different as artists, they're still two of my favorites for completely different reasons, each representing some kind of punk rock.

Demons Claws represent the complete chaos of it, and Mary Weiss represents the can-do DIY attitude of girls a full decade before everyone was doing the DIY thing. There was no other Girl Group so punk rock in attitude than the Shangri Las. And finally, Demons Claws and Mary Weiss, for me, have Greg Cartwright in common. It was Greg who recommended I check out Demons Claws, and he was right on with this recommendation! And it was Greg who composed many of the songs on Mary's recent album, Dangerous Game, and co-produced it as well.

I wasn't paying attention to the record store shelves because I've been on the phone and emails to arrange more tour dates.

I'm happy to announce November 18 at Sound Exchange in Houston, TX. If you visit (and bookmark) the tour site, Unguarded Moments dot info you will be able to keep up with tour dates, read reviews and articles AND download the tour booklet. I keep running out of hard copies!

Soundex Final 2

Photo collectors in Houston and Atlanta (where I will be in December), and the rest of the world - please take note: because I have been selling out of prints, booklets, etc - you may want to place a pre-order NOW for Xmas time gift giving. I can have 11x14's and smaller prints available for Houston's date, and for Atlanta, I can even have 16x20's ready. If you want to give the gift of photos for Christmas, I am recommending orders be placed BEFORE DECEMBER 1. Visit the to check out the items available this season.

ALSO - in the next couple days, there will be an outlet for you to buy that cool Punk Rock Day of the Dead poster and also a slide show on DVD of all the images from the Unguarded Moments tour.

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