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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Return of Mr Airplane Man
Goner Fest Begins!

Girls & cars

Mr Airplane Man are Margaret Garrett and Tara McManus. They haven't played as Mr Airplane Man for a while, but they are making a splashy return to the big stage at Goner Fest 4 in Memphis, TN. The festival party hoedown thrown by Goner Records starts NOW - Wednesday, September 26. They get bigger and badder with every go-round.

Goner Fest hosted Punk Turns 30's Memphis photo show in 2005. They even immortalized me on the Goner Fest 2 DVD...

This year, the Festival seems like its going to out-do the previous three. I can't be there because I have a punk rock fire blazing in California, but I'll be walking into the Goner Store in a month's time...

In addition to Mr Airplane Man, Goner Fest is serving up the very best of the current garage and punk rock artists.

Opening the festivities is Greg Cartwright. Here's Greg and Margaret from 2005.

Greg and Margaret

For those who don't know - Greg used to own a record store called Legba Records, located in the very spot as the Goner store. The record store biz just went from one Oblivian to another...

greg and quintron 2

And there's Greg with Mr Quintron from 2006. This year, Mr Quintron and Miss Pussycat will be closing the nighttime events at the Hi Tone.

Between Greg's acoustic set at the store for the Opening of the Festival and Quintron's unique one-man-band+puppet show swamp extravaganza that bids a final goodnight to the Fest... Memphis is the place to be this weekend. Please read yesterday's post for more info on Goner Fest's first FILM SCREENING - a documentary about Monsieur Jeffrey Evans by Ron Franklin.

If you can't be there, follow the play-by-play action on what is likely to be the most interesting blog anywhere in the music world these next few days:

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