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Monday, August 06, 2007

Now THAT's Punk Attitude!

Brooklyn's Bamboo Kids, pictured here in their home borough, photographed on a sticky August day, not unlike today...

Chris Orlando, their drummer sends the best email (he claims someone else writes them, but that guy's punk too). Assures me that the Bamboo Kids got punk in spades. Besides, have you seen them play??? Bad ass. The best of the best! Think New York Dolls, Ramones, all your best NYC punk rockers... this is the legacy.

The Bamboo Kids with The Stalkers, Star Spangles and lot More 11PM

* * *

Look, it's hot, so we're gonna make this short and sweaty. If you can find
a better rock and roll show this month, we'll come and clean your gross
fucking apartment.*
Here's the bill, cutie:

August 11 at Club Midway 25 Ave B

The Bamboo Kids 11PM

The Stalkers 12AM (The Brits are into them, but we'll overlook that.)

The Star Spangles 1AM (New lineup, new record, old habits.)

The Jadewalkers 2AM (Someone said they were sweet-ish, whatever that means.)

The Compulsions 3AM (I hear Axl Rose cuts himself to their music)

*Up yours.

Watch the slow and painful process of how rock and roll can ruin your life...New Pics up now.

The Bamboo Kids
See ya there.

Tommy Volume, Star Spangles

feel like hell tray card

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