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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stiv Bators Ghost Tour

stiv reversed

On Friday, July 20, you can ride along with Stiv Bators as he once terrorized the western world in "The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour".

The Deadbeat Poets, a new band of veterans that features long time Stiv collaborator, Frank Secich will be playing at Cedars in downtown Youngstown on Friday with the Rainy Day Saints from Cleveland. It will be a combined record release party and "live" debut.

Visit Pop Detective Records and learn more about the Deadbeat Poets, a band who I've been listening to like crazy for the past couple months. You will not only get an opportunity to take the Stiv Bators Ghost Tour, but you will learn the truth about flying saucers. Really.

frank at piano w stiv
Frank Secich and Stiv Bators

Rainy Day Saints, 2
Rainy Day Saints

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