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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fave Punk Records - Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore


The Alley Cats from LA's South Bay put out this fantastic single on Dangerhouse, "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" b/w "Give Me A Little Pain." Live, those songs killed. Everything this band did was just top notch, and I think they were loved by all - the Hollywood punk rockers, the South Bay kids, the Orange County kids... what was there not to like about band founders Randy Stodola and Dianne Chai? They were the nicest people, played the greatest music, fit in on any bill, and always gave 110%

Diane Chai of the Alley Cats

When I was first taking Punk Turns 30 photos on tour in the Fall of 2005, there was a guy in Tallahassee, FLA who asked me about the Alley Cats, and he showed me this fantastic scrap book he made of all the clippings he could find. Its just one sign of the staying power of this short-lived band. Another great nod is that one of my favorite contemporary rock n roll bands, River City Tanlines from Memphis, TN (the birthplace of rock n roll) perform "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" and have recorded it (it is available on Tanlines frontwoman, Alicja Trout's own label, Contaminated.)


If you can get your paws on a Dangerhouse release these days, you're either a great collector, or you saved everything you ever bought. My own Alley Cats single is missing in action, but thankfully, the kind folks at Rhino included the Alley Cats on some comps, and there is the Live at the Masque CD out there for your listening pleasure.

diane chai - web

But it was to my surprise today to find actual video of the Alley Cats!

Watch them on YouTube! and see for yourself what an amazing band they were, and why "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" is a great punk rock record.


Joe Maz said...

I love this song so much, it's practically unhealthy. NMNA is one of my favorite moments in "URGH!" and since that movie also has 999 and The Fleshtones in it, that's saying something...Thrilled to learn there's a live CD out there. The hunt is on! (By the way, I found Dangerhouse Vol 1 on iTunes)

John said...

Hey, I was the dude in Tallahassee with the scrapbook! ACtually I put the zine together with Iraya Robles in the 90's and although it was primarily focused on the punk rawk Go Go's [title: Marks in Time: The Very Early Go Go's 1978-1980], we did include other bands like the Alley Cats as well.

Great meeting you Theresa!

Eden Felt

Anonymous said...

if anyone has the lyrics to nothing means nothing anymore please email me



Rob Pierce - 2 Verbs said...

Big fan. I've heard Randy is in San Pedro these days, but no word on Dianne or John. If anyone knows, I'd love to know. Great live band, and the one time I got to talk to Dianne, she was ridiculously sweet.