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Monday, June 11, 2007

Punk Guitar Heroes From American Roots Music

dave alvin

Dave Alvin, of the Blasters, and Billy Zoom of X share a love of and prowess in roots/rockabilly/traditional American rock n roll music. The Blasters first album indeed was called "American Music," after their pivotal song of the same title.

x and billy zoom 2

Billy Zoom brought to X a lifetime's immersion in music. His father was a professional musician. For many years, prior to joining X, Zoom was a session musician in LA, where he moved from America's heartland in the 60s.

X and the Blasters enjoyed an audience that not only intersected but supported an eclectic lot of music besides punk. For people who weren't around during the first punk rock days... punk embraced roots music, rockabilly, reggae and its roots and branches as well as their own fast-paced furious form of rock n roll.

dave alvin 4x

I've always used this photograph to illustrate how punk rock and roots rockabilly played well together. Punk rock iconic "it girls," Pleasant, Belinda Carlisle, and hairdresser to the punk rock stars, Connie Clarksville, snapped backstage at the Whisky with Dave Alvin.

Dave Alvin & his ladies

There came a point in the career arcs of both X and the Blasters when each of these founding guitarists left those bands. Dave Alvin played with X, stepping in when Billy Zoom left the band. In later years, X reunited and Billy Zoom was back with them. They play the occasional reunion gig, and the band members play in different bands with one another, such as The Knittters.

x and billy zoom 1

Over the weekend, Exene Cervenka had an art opening in Los Angeles. Her show runs until June 14.

Tomorrow, John Doe will do a performance and signing at Amoeba Hollywood. That's tomorrow Tuesday, June 12 at 7pm. He's got a new album that will be released tomorrow, called A Year in the Wilderness and its already on critics best picks for the summer.

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