Saturday, June 30, 2007

Inside Madame Wong's

madame wong sign

If you were going to clubs in LA during the punk rock heyday, you will certainly recognize this sign from Madame Wong's Chinatown. But have you ever seen the inside of the Dragon Lady's office? In Santa Monica?

esther and assistant small

Well, that's it. Esther Wong is the one standing, wearing the black cardigan. You can't really see her but for her profile. Somewhere, oh somewhere, I do have a cool portrait of her...I think in storage in NYC... I promise as soon as I do find it, up it will go!

But what I find interesting about looking at anyone's room or office some 30 years later... what they have hanging on their walls! This photo was probably taken in 1979 or 1980... she's got a poster of The Police, who did play at her club in Chinatown to about 10 people. She's got a poster of The Motels, who she loved and who played her Santa Monica club frequently. And of course, there's a poster of Blondie - but all you can see are Debbie Harry's unmistakable lips. Blondie never played Madame Wong's, however.

Speaking of Blondie...tomorrow (July 1) is Debbie Harry's birthday, so I'm going to post one of my favorite Blondie photos in her honor!

Debbie Harry - X-Offender
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Also... July marks the month in 1976 when The Ramones did their first tour of England... and turned the British on in more ways than Helen of Troy's smile moved soldiers... or something like that.

3 ramones
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Anonymous said...

Theresa - I just found your blog while looking for older photos of X at the Whisky after seeing an X reunion show here in Portland, Oregon last Thursday.

What a find!

I, like you, grew up in the Los Angeles area and came of age right at the right time. I can't claim to have come to the scene as early as you obviously did, but I was in there early enough to remember Black Randy, early shows by X and The Dils. You even have pictures of my beloved Alleycats, who I haven't seen and heard in years!

I look forward to frequent visits!