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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Germs Movie Opens

darby live whiskyBWweb72

The long awaited narrative feature about The Germs, entitled What We Do Is Secret had its premier at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the reviews are rolling in! Here are a couple, Sound the Sirens and Film Threat, though I'm sure many more will be popping up... so if this is your thing, keep your eyes on the papers.

Me - I'm just going to share with you photos I took of the Germs in 1977 when we were all a bunch of regular people hanging out together. Perhaps only Paul Beahm aka Bobby Pyn aka Darby Crash had an idea of what would emerge from these times...

darby for robot BW


I had no idea when I took all these photos in Pat Smear's mom's garage in West LA that this murky reproduction of one of the images would become synonymous with LA Punk. Thanks Germs!

bobby pyn

I like so many other frames from that late afternoon in the garage - they show sides of Darby that you didn't get to see when you ran into him in public, or saw him onstage.

bobby pyn 2

germs trio rehearsal

The nice folks at Get Hip have a swell t-shirt version of the image below...if you want to wear your Germs on your sleeve, so to speak.

Darby Crash 1977
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