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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rock n Roll Nurse Sure is Pleasant

plz nurse mumps vaccine small

Ever since the New York Dolls did their fantastic cover of Bo Diddley's "Pills," the image of a rock n roll nurse has been a constant for boys and girls, men and women everywhere. So, what better way to play dress up for the camera?

Pleasant Gehman was only 17 years old and already a complete "It Girl" when we took these photos in early 1978. See the words "Mumps Vaccine" written on her nurse's hat? We were nothing, if not completely enthralled by that band.

plz nurse 3 small

plz nurse

Coming up: See inside the bedroom of a teenage punk rock It Girl!

post script: On the subject of Rock n Roll Nurses...if you don't know it already, please do check out The Compulsive Gamblers album "Crytal Gazing Luck Amazing" for the killer track by Jack Oblivian, "Rock n Roll Nurse"

1 comment:

fred said...

I didn't realize Pleasant was so young in '78. Is that why I never see a mention of her onscreen appearance in the wet t-shirt contest in the film Hollywood Boulevard directed by Joe Dante in 1978?