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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Mump a Day: Kevin Kiely

kevin kiely starwood 1 small

Kevin Kiely was the Mumps bass player. He was their second bass player, the first being a guy named Aron Kiely!

Kevin was Pleasant’s favorite Mump, and my favorite Mump photo subject.

kev plz studiosmall
Kevin and Pleasant in the cozy darkness of the studio kitchen

Kevin would pose however Pleasant and I chose him too, and was completely up for the conceits we'd try, ranging from Andy Warhol Interview-styled portraits to photo illustrations for fake pulp novels that were never written (but should have been).

kk portrait 1-2 colorized small
Kevin and the Interview style portrait

These photos are mostly from February – March 1978, when Mumps were in Los Angeles for an extended period recording “Muscle Boys,” “That Fatal Charm” and “Rock n Roll This, Rock n Roll That” and playing tons of shows in California.

kevin control board small

kevin kiely WEB

Readers at home, please note: Don’t try Kevin’s antics at home.

Stealing an airline’s life jacket from under the seat is a big Federal no-no!

kiely in mirror life vest small

kiely life vest 2 small

kk life jacket web small

And if you have an abandoned refrigerator, best take the door off once you’ve had your photo opportunity with it.

kevin frig pair small

Butif you should find yourself in the Beach Boys recording studio alone and want to have a photo opportunity with their gold records, by all means, go for it!

double kevin gold recordBW-small

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