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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Jam, Dickies and Eyes - April 14, 1978

foxton arnoff colorized small

Bruce Foxton of the Jam looks up at the Starwood marquee as photographers David Arnoff and Judy Lesta look on.

WEB jam marquee

I remember this show vividly, and I always will - because its my birthdate, and who doesn't remember when one of their fave bands plays a show on your birthday AND sings a chorus of "Happy Birthday" to you at their record-company-sponsored party? Unforgettable stuff.

tk at 21

This was me in 1978. Photo taken with my camera by my dear departed friend, Randy Kaye, who together with Pleasant created Lobotomy. On this date, we were covering the Jam on their second visit to America and were outrageously delighted that our friends, The Dickies and The Eyes were also on the bill.

leonard front and center WEB96

I'm still surprised that I had the wherewithall to take these photos of the Dickies and of Charlotte Caffey from The Eyes backstage before they went on...because the Jam threw a fantastic party before the show!

charlotte small

The Jam let me shoot their soundcheck.

jam soundcheck 1

They gave everyone a photo opportunity in front of the club.

jam bus strip

And Rick Buckler remembered the silly interview from earlier in the day, and stopped for even more photo opp's for Lobotomy.

buckler colorized small

Then a whole lot of people - music writers and photographers, dj's and hipsters - boarded these double decker London buses to the Kings Head Pub in Santa Monica and had a good ole pub party.

FOXTON darts

After being fully sloshed, fed and otherwise partied out, it was time for the bands. We all got back on the bus and were driven to the Starwood.

Here are a few live photos of the Jam, from the Starwood as well as from their debut at the Whisky just six months earlier.

weller whisky small

weller whisky leaning back SMALL

bruce foxton 1977 whisky a go go

Paul Weller

Before I sign off and get back to my chocolate birthday cake covered with marshmallow peeps bunnies and chicks... I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my April 14 birthday twins... please note that the first four are Oscar nominees and/or winners.

Julie Christie (Oscar for "Darling")
Sir John Gielgud (Oscar for "Arthur"
Anthony Perkins (nominated for surprisingly NOT "Psycho" but for "Friendly Persuasion")
Adrian Brody (Oscar for "The Pianist")
Pete Rose
Ritchie Blackmore
Papa Doc Duvalier

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Sean said...

Thanks for another awesome trip down memory lane. I was one of the anonymous kids in the crowd and these photos bring it all back.