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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dead Boys: Alpha & Omega

nasty schoolboy stiv small

Stiv Bators during the second song of the Dead Boys very first set in Los Angeles at the Starwood. Jeff Magnum has told me what a horrible show the band felt it was - that the audience stood there and stared at the band. In the little corner of space where I was standing, there were a couple people in front of me, one with a camera also, so her elbow was often in my frame.

stiv starwood 1 small gray

In fact, here's that elbow, hand and camera right here in the first ever picture I took of Stiv. It was a little easier to get a decent shot by standing in front of Jimmy Zero. You can even see Jeff Magnum in the frame behind him.

zero starwood small gray

The show was much more enjoyable for me once I stepped back and took in the whole vista and was able to take a couple pictures of the whole band.

So, that's the first ever picture I took of the whole band, The Dead Boys, back in November 77 at the Starwood. The last time I saw the Dead Boys as the Dead Boys - with most of the members intact, it was 1979 at the Whisky.

dead boys stiv blitz zeroWEB72

What was left of the original Dead Boys: Stiv, Jimmy Zero, and Johnny Blitz. Jeff and Cheetah were replaced by Frank Secich and George Cabaniss respectively.

Just because he wasn't flanked by Cheetah Chrome, one of punk rock's greatest masters of live rock n roll mayhem didn't keep Stiv from the chaos. In fact, he probably turned it up a couple of notches to make up for it... you know, for the audience!

stiv x

So, that's the beginning and end of the Dead Boys in terms of live shows in Los Angeles. I couldn't end this post without something Stiv found dear... and that was putting the focus on his crotch!

stiv grabs crotch small

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