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Monday, February 26, 2007

Iggy - the Accidental Inventor of Punk?

yellow iggysmall

Or so says the New York Times in a 2200+ word article in the Sunday edition of the paper of record. Wow. Hard to believe Iggy will be 60 years old soon, but time goes on, and if you don't die, you die trying. In a couple weeks, the Stooges will release a new record - the first in decades, with the "Fun House" line up of the band, with former Minutemen bassist, Mike Watt filling the bass shoes of the late Dave Alexander.

I do wish I had been the one to write "accidental inventor of punk," because I do agree. Iggy and his antics, from the peanut butter to stage diving, launched a thousand punk band homage-payers and imitators.... including but not limited to Stiv Bators and Darby Crash.

Stiv Bators Live

darby live whiskyBWweb72

Mike Watt is on the left in the photo below - taken in 2004, during a festival where he played with The Stooges. He's pictured with Boss Martians front man Evan Foster and Cynics front man, Michael Kastelic.

3 guys in a trailer park

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