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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sham 69 in the news

Dave Parsons
Dave Parsons

Sham 69 is in the news and its not pleasant.....the BBC is calling it a "bitter split" between front man Jimmy Pursey and Dave Parsons, guitarist. Who will get to keep the name "Sham 69"?

My two cents worth - Pursey's saying in this article that Parsons left before, and first....but as I saw it.... Pursey seemed to have slunk away back in 1980, opening the door for the Daves, Parsons and Tregunna to join the Wanderers. I seem to remember at the time that the remaining Sham members were held liable for Pursey's share of Inland Revenue too... perhaps I should stop need to stoke this fire.

Good luck lads.

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