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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One More Try

"Gimme One More Try" is a song by this international supergroup, Brand New Love Affairs ...hear it by clicking the title above - its on their myspace page.

International Supergroup - the international part is because of Roman Aul of Germany's Redondo Beat (wearing the white t-shirt)... the Super part is equal parts of legendary southern garage rock with the likes of three Memphis men all of whom are here via Mississippi (could this be the source of my fascination with that place?) Tyler Keith (pictured in the back of the photo), Scott Rogers (with the shades), and Jack Oblivian.

Its not unusual around these parts to stumble upon various bands chock-full of amazing players, each of whom could front a supergroup of his own. You can't spit in Memphis without hitting someone who makes great music. If you go to the Buccanneer in Memphis tonight, you will bear witness to some of the greatest music...Jack Oblivian band, Harlan T. Bobo and the Brand New Love Affairs all playing on the heels of their successful sets at Goner Fest 3.

I won't miss this.

Besides.... my camera wants one more try to stalk Harlan.... the most elusive face I've ever met. Tyler and Roman, on the other hand, were good sports about being photographed, and Jack always is....

As soon as the camera found its way to my eye, Harlan hid his face... Roman and Tyler were sitting ducks on Jack's porch and seemingly loving it. Tyler is demonstrating his very best work, suitable for the Sears catalog.

But forget about the photos tonight.... see them in the flesh. Buccanneer. It'll be a late night I'm sure. But well worth every moment of lost sleep!

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EJ said...

proud to call memphis my home & hope you had fun while you were here theresa