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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Love Memphis

While still trying to shake the fatigue and catch up on sleep (which cannot be done, it is scientifically proven)... I have this to say: I LOVE Memphis... home of Elvis Presley...soul music...Stax...The Oblivians...what? Of course...this Southern mecca of soul music and soul food and Elvis also birthed the best punk influenced band of the 90s.... and uh, the Sex Pistols played here on their 1978 tour and did not play my home town....

Here's a Memphis pictoral....

joes liquor memphis
The Space/Atomic Age iconic thingie atop the Joe's Liquors sign on Poplar Avenue

Lamar Theatre
The remains of the Lamar Theatre on Lamar Avenue

memphis slim house
The Historic Home of Memphis Slim - standing in the shadows of the Stax Museum... being renovated

sun studio sign
Studio - the glass door of the legendary Sun Studio....where it all began for Elvis... and by extension, for me.

Memphis is music city!

So, speaking of the Oblivians....Jack Oblivian has a new record out - The Flipside Kid, on Sympathy. Two words for you: GET IT!


record cover

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