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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Like em or not, some people get into the music biz and never leave. Like him or not, Kim Fowley is one of those people and he has added "filmmaker" to his resume, that includes birthing the Runaways, writing songs for KISS and producing Helen Reddy (!?!?!?!)

This weekend in Los Angeles, I will be shooting some experimental film with him and some local personalities.

Actually, three bands in Detroit that I really like - The Witches, Slumber Party and The Gore Gore Girls are currently doing Fowley tunes....

On Halloween, there will be a new Witches record featuring a Fowley-Witches co-write entitled "Down on Ugly Street."

Troy's the boss
Head Witch Troy Gregory producing his record
Nash & Eugene
Witches John Nash and Eugene Machine, MVP's of Detroit music

Kim's also been a champion of Detroit, way before any of its talented musicians became superstars or started their cults...

Ben & Kim

You really can't beat experience...

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