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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh Katrina....why you gotta be so mean?

King Louie in the Poplar Lounge

Its the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina... that bitch of a storm that wiped away New Orleans's levees and put most of the city under water....

King Louie was one of the people from New Orleans who was affected by this storm. He and his girlfriend, Rebecca, and their dog literally swam out of it...ending up in Memphis, like so many other people.

Both Mike Hurtt and Matt from the Royal Pendletons lost everything and had to leave...

Mike Hurtt
Mike Hurtt

Matt Pendleton

And if Katrina wasn't enough, a month later, Hurricane Rita did some additional damage.

This photo of King Louie and Harlan T. Bobo and Jack Oblivian was taken during some rainshowers Memphis was getting from Rita... but nothing stopped them from recording some tunes as Loose Diamonds.

Loose Diamonds, 2

Nothing keeps the music spirit down.

Don't forget what happened; don't forget that all the aid that was promised hasn't yet been delivered and hurricane season is at its zenith, with "Ernesto" threatening Florida.... don't forget.

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