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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Get to Know The Monks

Today's post is really brief as I am hanging out in the fantastic new record shop in Brooklyn, Passout Records which is run by Memphis Mike and Pee Wee of ICU. Some of you real hipsters will remember Mike's Memphis punk rock band, Man With Gun. There's a gig here this afternoon with Sudden Walks a local punk rock band playing in the store, and later, an art opening with work by photog Keith Marlowe, who's moved to NY from Cleveland. He'll be showing cool pix of bands like New Bomb Turks, The Cramps, Turbonegro and more. There's also an art installation from Emma Louise of Dollhaus fame.

When I was at and in the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival a couple months ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting Dave Day of the legendary Monks.

Instead of a history lesson, how about doing what this here cyber net is good for.... please go visit the Monks website and read up on them. New Yorkers and Cavestomp fans will remember how their comeback in 1999 really changed, revitalized and kickstarted a garage-psych renaissance 'round these parts.

And finally, New Yorkers, please come and visit the Passout Record Shop in Williamsburg, at 131 Grand Street, at Berry. They carry all the must-have garage and punk rock records from your favorite bands that record on underground and obscure labels.... if you can't get that record here... you can't get it.

Keep cool in this national heat wave. I'm trying to lay low and do nothing but listen to the rock n roll.

Monk n Me
Dave Day and Me at Don't Knock the Rock

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