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Friday, July 28, 2006

A Lotta Rock in NYC This Weekend

Rocket From the Tombs featuring Cheetah Chrome will be one of the many fantastic bands playing in Brooklyn this weekend for the Dot Dash festival.

Here's the line up and what it'll cost you at the door:

Fri July 28 - $17
The Alarm Clocks!
The Cynics
The Original Sins
The Hentchmen
Turpentine Brothers

Sat July 29 - $20
Rocket From the Tombs
The Little Killers
DC Snipers
Angry Angles
Imaginary Icons

There's not a dud in there....

Of special note.... The Alarm Clocks are making their long-awaited return after 30 years on hiatus. Earlier this year, they played in Cleveland and at the Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis. Norton Records will be releasing the album they just recorded with ace producer, Freddie Fortune. I saw the Alarm Clocks in Memphis a couple months ago. If you're in NYC, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Turpentine Bros
Turpentine Brothers from Boston

Johnny Hentch
Johnny Hentch of the Hentchmen from Detroit

and on Sunday, at Union Pool....a double bill with The Reigning Sound and the A Bones.... its so hot... its cool!
Lance, in the red mirror
Reigning Sound in the red mirror from a show at Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge, MA

miriam linna
Miriam Linna, The A Bones awesome drummer

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Evikn said... was the Rocket from the Tombs gig? I'm a huge Cheetah/Richard Lloyd fan...have never been able to see them together tho.