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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Hope I Die Before I Get Old"

When Pete Townshend wrote that lyric oh some 40 years ago, did he know he was writing a battle cry for a generation that went beyond his own? Surely he must have. But did he know that his own words could be turned against him when he turned 30, 40, 50...

Obviously a metaphor for being young at heart, the lyrics to "My Generation" transcend a time/place fix....they suit anyone who's young at heart.

Unfortunately, rock n roll has more than its fair share of young deaths. Punk rockers are no stranger to dying before they get old....from freaks like GG Allin to the conservative Johnny Ramone.

In the words of punk rock poet Jim Carroll, here are people who died... they were my friends, but they died:

Johnny Thunders
Johnny Thunders

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980
Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Darby Crash 1977
Darby Crash

Stiv Bators Live
Stiv Bators

Lance Loud - Halloween
Lance Loud

Bryan Gregory

Dee Dee Ramone

Joey Ramone

Johnny Ramone

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