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Friday, May 26, 2006

What Everyone is Waiting For

I have been away from updating this blog for a few days because I'm in Chicago, attending the Horizontal Action Blackout. Its the hottest ticket in the COUNTRY...why?

Oblivians are headlining this event.... Horizontal Action is taking a hiatus of undetermined length. This is the LAST Blackout they'll ever throw.

What better way to blow it out than with the band that, in the 90s, made the best trashy rock n roll with punk and garage and r&b infusions?

Above is Greg, and here's Eric and Jack.

I KNOW this will be an unforgettable show!

Eric cooks!


Its been kinda difficult to get online on this trip. But be sure that AFTER the Blackout, there will be all kinds of cool new stuff!

Drive safely over this holiday weekend....better stay home and BBQ

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