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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash

Ever since Joey Ramone passed away, there has been a Memorial Birthday Bash for him in NYC at Irving Plaza on the actual date of his birth, May 19. This year's show has been sold out forever.

It is always both a tribute and a great night of bands inspired and influenced by the Ramones, and in some cases, were influences of the Ramones.

While I write this, Cheetah Chrome is on his way to NYC to play in the event that also includes performances by Wayne Kramer and original Sex Pistol Glen Matlock

Rogan & Cheetah

Wayner Kramer

The MC5/DKT were supposed to perform as a full band - that is the living members of the MC5 - Wayne Kramer, Dennis Thompson and Mike Davis with additional singers and guests. However, last week, Mike Davis was in a motorcycle accident on a freeway in Los Angeles. Thankfully wearing a helmet and leather, he survived, but suffered a fractured spine, bruised ribs and several abrasians. Therefore, while he recovers, the full MC5/DKT line-up won't be performing, and their band dates are being rescheduled.

If you want to send your well wishes to Mike, you may do so at

You can also keep up on Mike's activities, including his recovery from this accident at

Michael & Angela

Here's Mike with the Svengirly herself, Angela Davis.

So - break out your Ramones records and celebrate Joey Ramone. At the same time, do your raindance for Mike Davis's speedy recovery.

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