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Friday, April 14, 2006

On this date in 78

The Jam played at the long gone Starwood club in West Hollywood. It was (and it still is) my birthday. That was some party, and what a way to ring in the 21st year - and I've told you about it before here.

Its a great memory for me, though, and something that reminds me how much times have changed.

It was so easy for Pleasant, Randy and I to interview the Jam for Lobotomy. We asked Rick Buckler such silly questions. But brownies were involved somehow and that made it all OK.

We hung out at the soundcheck and then there was a photo opportunity for the band in front of a red double decker London bus. Then there was the English pub drinking extravaganza... and the gig... where I took this photo.

On my birthday today, 2006...28 years later, I'm going to see a different but just as awesome three-piece band, The Greenhornes. They've got one of the best rhythm sections around today - Jack Lawrence (pictured) and Patrick Keeler, who happened to have played on Loretta Lynn's Grammy-winning-Jack White-produced album, Van Lear Rose. Singer/guitarist Craig Fox is no slouch either. The Greenhornes defy categorization, bringing the best of their record collections to rest in their own music.

Its nice to be able to say that I share a birthday with Miss Loretta Lynn. Happy Birthday to you Coal Miner's Daughter.... that's some great band you had there....

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Trevor Montroy said...

I too saw The Jam, The Dickies, and The Eyes at this show in 1978: A memorable event. How hot it got in there. And I stank like cigarettes for three days afterwards. I threw away the clothes I was wearing because I could not wash out the odor. As for for the music, it was wonderful, energetic, and witty. For instance, I recall The Eyes doing a cover of "I Got You, Babe" in the class of '77 punk-rock style. Such a cover may seem tame now, but at the time it was a heck of a musical statement. The Eyes really held their own up against two bigger name acts. There was not a weak performance the whole evening. The night was one of the three best live performances I have seen. Good show.