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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Elks Lodge Riot Anniversary

Here's the poster for the gig where the famous/infamous Elks Lodge Riot happened - image courtesty of Flipside Fanzine online.

We talked about this few months ago but since the anniversary is upon us, I thought I'd share some photos of the bands that were scheduled to play.

Only the Go Go's got a chance to play. Here's Belinda with pals Pleasant and Wyline. ladies...are we going to see the Flesheaters in two weeks?
Belinda, Pleasant and Wyline

X on Lobotomy Night

The Alley Cats

The Go Go's had just played a few days before, doing a gig with Black Randy.
Black Randy and Stan Lee

Around the very same time, on the Sunset Strip, Ultravox played the Whisky. There was always a whole lot going on musically... and today, I eagerly await April's arrival.... The Flesheaters are playing a Silverlake Club and up in San Francisco a couple days later, the "Mab-Fab" Reunion...Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Avengers and Mutants will be at the Mabuhay...what year is it again?

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Emerson said...

Geez, what year is it indeed. Weren't these bands all supposed to die young and leave a goodly gruesome corpse?