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Monday, February 27, 2006

Michigan Joy Ride

Kent Smythe

Imagine my surprise, after not being able to get online for days while taking my joy ride across Michigan to find an email from Kent Smythe. Well, I'm pleased as punch that Kent has visited these pages and has seen this moment I stole from him many years ago.

This photo here below is for you, Kent - our mutual friends, the Dickies.

Leonard of the Dickies

Its been a year since my last joy ride through Michigan, and I still haven't figured out why I choose the dead of winter to visit a Great Lakes state...must be the music

On Friday night in Ann Arbor, I saw SSM and my other Detroit faves, The Dirtbombs.

Mick hears something funny
Dirtbombs soundcheck

Seeing the Dirtbombs reminded me to remind you that people still pogo, mosh and otherwise dance and shake their ass at rock n roll shows. The Dirtbombs do inspire that fist in the air move, too.

Ko, Dirtbombs

I ran into the coolest guy in St. Clair Shores there - Jackson Smith, who's playing with Wendy Case and the Paybacks these days.

Wendy and Jackson

The following night, I ran up and down Woodward Ave. to catch The Human Eye, Cyril Lords, Troy Gregory & the Step Sisters and Gore Gore Girls at two different clubs.

thommy hawk
Thommy Hawk, The Human Eye

Last night, I hung out at the Garden Bowl and listened to Nick in Spades DJ with a pure 1970's glam hangover. Its great when you can hear David Bowie, Roxy Music, New York Dolls and Gary Glitter as well as SSM and Interpol while drunk bowling. That's Detroit for you.

Nick Bataran

Before I head back to Chicago, I plan on visiting Barberella and the only lady who can cut my hair, Sandy Kramer Shaw.

shaw family

And finally, while taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi at the Majestic Theatre complex, over a quick Sgt. Pepperoni lunch with Greg Baise...we may be bringing Punk Turns 30 to Woodward Ave sooner than you think this year!

Greg - here's Penelope Avenger for you!

Penelope Avenger & Rodney

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