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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Inside a Favorite Record Store

That's Timmy Vulgar browsing for Black Flag at the awesome Goner Records store in Memphis, TN. Timmy used to be the frontman of the Clone Defects and now fronts the punky art-school out there and highly entertaining Human Eye. The band hails from Detroit, a city best known right now for its particular brand of gritty garage rock. However, Detroit has brought us the most eclectic selection of music from its creative population: soul, R&B, rock, space rock, prog rock, house, trance, dance, punk, country, pure pop, Motown, Madonna, just doesn't stop.

The Human Eye could possibly be the most creative and dangerous punk rock band out there today. Twice I've seen them do unnatural things with seafood - in Chicago, Timmy sported a squid hat, and in Memphis, a fish head went flying from the stage... it brushed my ankle and I just couldn't wait to get back to my hotel and bathe.

It reminds me of the time a great big fish made it to the bottom of the swimming pool at the Famous Lobotomy Apartment in 1978. The mystery remains unsolved... or does it?

I did want to tell you why Goner is a favorite record store. They stock the best selection of indie records... records you could not find anywhere else. Goner was born out of a DIY necessity back when the Oblivians wanted to release some music. Eric Oblivian started Goner to be that vehicle. Their split cassette (cassette!!!) with Impala probably fetches a pretty penny on eBay these days. Goner has released some great records - mostly punk and garage rock - and I recommend that you spend some online time perusing their online store. Goner Store Shopping Cart here's the only link you'll need for buying the records you never knew you needed til now:
Reatards Teenage Hate reissue/re-press
King Louie One Man Band - Chinese Crawfish
Dutch Masters 7" Radioactive, etc (this one is for Dead Boys fans - "Radioactive" could be the cousin of "Sonic Reducer.")
Knaughty Knights 7" - a GREAT poppy punky garage record featuring the awesome Jack Yarber
the list goes on and on. I'm going to be ordering some South Filthy in the next few days.

You have to spend your Christmas cash somewhere. If its not in my Online Store then do it at Goner.

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