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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stiv in Hollywood

If you are a guy in a punk band that hopes to ascend, no trip to Hollywood is complete without a visit to Rodney. Bingenheimer, though really "Rodney" is enough. He's a single-named personality (you know: Cher, Madonna, Prince, Sting... Rodney). Rodney's show on KROQ, Rodney on the ROQ was a haven for guys like Stiv, and for any up and coming indie artist.

Rodney and Stiv always had a good time together, and Rodney loved the in-home photo opportunities as much as Stiv loved creating them. Look at Rodney's wall of fame. I've never seen more memorabilia anywhere. B Girl Cynthia Ross is pictured here as well. Stiv introduced Rodney and Cynthia and soon The B Girls were being played on KROQ, and their Whisky A Go Go show was well-attended, and with celebrity audience members too! Debbie Harry and Nigel Harrison of Blondie were there, and so was a not-yet-in-a-band Jeffrey Lee Pierce. That baby-faced portrait I took of Jeffrey was taken at that show. Rodney was there, of course, and a backstage group photo I took of the B Girls, Debbie, Nigel and Rodney made it to a few magazines and was also included in the biography on Debbie by Cathay Che, entitled "Platinum Blonde."

Stiv Bators & Cynthia Ross

Of all the people I've photographed, only two of them truly understood the value of the photo opportunity - they were Stiv Bators and Lance Loud. More on Lance tomorrow.

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Gary Valentine said...

Hi Theresa,

I came across your site by chance. Looks good. In answer to your question re: Blondie and the Hall of Fame, yes I will be attending. Life is strange, no? Trust you're well and all the best, Gary.