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Friday, November 11, 2005

Sorta like Stiv...

Mystery Girls singer Casey Grajek may be a howlin' R&B/garage rocker, but he reminds me of Stiv Bators from time to time in his delivery and in his riveting performance. He can do those moves with the microphone that if done by other singers looks plain stupid. But when Casey does it - he's channeling Stiv Bators, Iggy Pop and even Julian Cope at times. He's so completely into the song, the music, the performance.

If you aren't already familiar with their dirty (in the best possible way) rock n roll... you're in luck! They've got records galore for you! Check out the various sources for Mystery Girls music at In the Red, or at Bancroft Records. Finally, visit the band's website and catch up on anything you have missed.

Here's a face that has launched a thousand ships (well, dozens of emails to me....)

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