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Monday, November 07, 2005

21st Century Punks

More Lamps, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Because I was working til 3 AM Saturday night, I was unable to catch the Lamps at the Scene in Glendale, where they opened for the Deadly Snakes, a young band from Canada whose latest album, "Porchella" is one of my favorite releases this year.

I did however see the Lamps in Memphis a couple months ago and their fury just knocked me out. They are a power trio with an old-skool punk rock attitude of nihilism and anger. Yeah - these three normal looking dudes make mean, angry music. Don't take that the wrong way. These guys ROCK and they give it all. Pick up their self-titled vinyl-only release on In The Red and hear for yourself.

Old skool music from guys who weren't born when the Germs first tried to play music.... yeah!

Is that a Lamp?

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