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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Its all about the kids...

King Louie at the gates, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

King Louie has been doing his rock n roll thing more than half his life. He started as a teenager. He's still young. As a member of The Persuaders and other various projects including his own one man band, this kid truly captures the renegade spirit of punk and rock n roll.

When the hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast as August became September, Louie, his girlfriend and their dog literally swam to safety and ended up in Memphis after an arduous journey not unlike that one Homer wrote about in another epoch.

Louie is a survivor. His spirit is indominatable and he just keeps on chugging. I spent a lot of the past ten days following him around Memphis, taking pictures and hanging out. What a guy. A real colorful character.

Check out his one man band release Chinese Crawfish on the Goner label. Look for more music to come from Louie, including a collaboration with Jack Oblivian and Harlan T. Bobo called Loose Diamonds.


Anonymous said...

where is the vintage punk photo exhibit?

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