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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rock to the Rescue

Greg Cartwright goofing off, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

This IS a funny picture of my favorite songwriter, Greg Cartwright cheerfully taking his per diem. It wasn't all that much money, either. Funny how this category of musician must make a tiny bit of money go a long way.

And, in recent weeks, we have seen how rock n roll musicians have come to the aid of their own. Punk rockers flew in from all over the world for the CBGB cause.

Now, many of our musician brothers and sisters who lived in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama got literally blown away. They lost everything. They are lucky to be alive. For all the joy they have given us, we are luckier that they are alive.

Its time to help them out.

If you want to make sure your contribution, regardless of the size, gets directly into their hands, please think about donating here:

Trinity Parish Church Episcopal Discretionary Fund
200 N Elm St
Searcy, AR 72143-5271

put "Katrina Fund" in subject line of check; alternatively, you can use Paypal, and send to:

The priest at this church is the father of Shop Fronts guitarist and singer, Paddy Bullocks aka Patrick McConnell. Paddy's dad will personally be taking your donations to Memphis, TN, where many of our displaced musician friends have sought refuge. You can be positively assured that your friends will be getting this money and blowing it on stuff like clean clothes, food and new places to live.

If you can't give money, please give up a few moments of your time and spread the word.


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